Update - DI Appointment Provider Notification

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  • Changes to DI appointment notifications sent to ordering providers
As of June 10, 2024, the Diagnostic Imaging (DI) notification of appointment that Connect Care generates and sends to the Connect Care ordering provider will no longer include the patient portion. Connect Care generates these notifications if the appointment is booked more than 48 hours from time of scheduling, and sends them to the ordering provider via fax and In Basket. The provider notifications include appointment details and preparation instructions; prior to this change, the provider notifications also included a copy of the notification letter that is sent by DI to the patient.  

Over the past 4 years, DI has received feedback requesting to turn off faxes and/or In Basket notifications. At this time, Connect Care cannot differentiate between an AHS Connect Care provider and a community provider, so faxes and/or In Basket messaging cannot be turned off for only a sub-set of providers. However, to minimize the length of these provider notifications, the patient portion of the provider notification will be removed (i.e., from notifications sent to both Connect Care providers and community providers). 

This change is expected to reduce the total number of pages for each faxed notification by 1 to 3 pages (click on the camera icon below to see a screenshot of an example notification - the red X indicates the portion that will be removed). Patients will continue to receive appointment details and preparation requirements directly from DI by phone, mail, or MyAHS Connect.