Respiratory Viral Infection Ordering Changes

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  • Respiratory Viral Infection Ordering Changes
As of May 13, 2024, ordering of rapid COVID-19 PCR, rapid influenza/RSV PCR, and the respiratory pathogen panel (RPP) via the “Respiratory Infection (incl. COVID-19) NAT” order will be changed in Connect Care, to improve test utilization and simplify the ordering process. Prescribers who have the order in their personal preference list will need to add it again, as the old version will be removed. 
  • To order these tests, indicate the reason for testing (symptomatic, infection control screen or pre-transplant testing) and the patient location/disposition, as well as the testing required. As resources for rapid on-site testing are limited, answering accurately whether the patient is admitted or is likely to be admitted is very important to ensure the sustainability of the rapid COVID-19 and rapid influenza/RSV testing program.
  • Rapid COVID-19 testing will be automatically selected by default; select to Flu/RSV or RPP testing, if indicated. To place an order for the RPP, indicate the RPP criteria met.
  • Rapid Influenza and RSV NAT will no longer be available from June 1 to September 30 (subject to change based on virus activity). Influenza and RSV will continue to be orderable using the RPP, provided criteria are indicated for testing. Rapid COVID-19 PCR will still be available throughout the year. 
For more information, see the lab bulletin and tip sheet: