Launch 8 Support Hot Topics - Week 3

This combined posting is updated throughout the third week of launch support, accumulating needs raised in prescriber huddles, with links to support information. Consider looking back each day. 
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Patient Movement - Separating IFT Orders from Other Signed/Held Orders
  • Orders may be signed and held for a variety of reasons (e.g., Interfacility Transfer [IFT], upcoming surgery or procedure), and it is often appropriate for patients/clients to have multiple set of signed and held orders. 
  • When viewing and releasing signed and held orders, it is important to release only those orders which are intended for your context (place and time). IFT orders have a specific phase of care (instructions on when to release) attached to them. This can help differentiate IFT orders from other signed and held orders. 
  • Further details including screenshots are available on the Launch 8 Updates page of the Connect Care Manual, at the bottom of the "Interfacility Transfer workflow changes" section.
Prescriber Support
  • Super Users are a great first point of contact when you need help, alongside the Helpdesk for urgent issues. If you are needing access help, call Helpdesk, as this is considered an urgent issue.
  • For less pressing and more complex issues (e.g., help with using the Discharge navigator), the Virtual Drop-in Centre is open 7 days a week for the remainder of the month. Hours for this week are below:
    • May 20–24 (Monday–Friday): 08:00–20:00
    • May 25–26 (Saturday–Sunday): 09:00–17:00
  • For details on how to access the Virtual Drop-in, including updated hours and posters, see
Interfacility Transfers (IFTs)
  • To transfer a patient to any other site (IFT), including Continuing Care (Long-Term Care, Supportive Living), remember to use the "Interfacility Transfer" navigator, located within the "Discharge" activity. Using the correct navigator will ensure that all steps required for this workflow are completed and orders are available/actionable at the receiving site.  
  • An IFT to a Continuing Care facility has some slight differences from other IFTs. For more information, see the "Interfacility Transfer from Connect Care to Continuing Care Site" section at the bottom of the IFT page in the Connect Care Manual.
  • Further information (including other IFT workflows) is available in the IFT section of the Connect Care Manual.
Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) and Allowed Exceptions
  • Information on CPOE can be found in a Countdown Checklist post and the Clinical Ordering Norms section of the Connect Care Manual.
  • In ordering – as in all other clinical activities – patient care and safety come first. If there is an urgent or emergent circumstance affecting a patient’s care, verbal or telephone orders may be appropriate and can be allowed. See this summary of guidelines for telephone and verbal orders that comply with AHS policies and procedures, complete with practical examples and norms based on time of day. Examples include when the prescriber is off-site, does not have access to a Connect Care-enabled device, and/or it is after hours. Also, please note that most requests to a prescriber that are important enough to require a phone call meet criteria for a nurse to take a telephone order.
  • For additional information on team collaboration for verbal and telephone orders, see the work package for prescribers and nurses.
Reminder: Key Launch 8 Workflows and Updates
  • To prepare for Launch 8, there have been a number of system updates and new or changed workflows that affect Connect Care prescribers from all launches.
  • Launch 8 Updates section in the Connect Care Manual flags the largest updates and changes to be aware of, including:
    • Interfacility Transfer (IFT) workflow changes
    • Results routing changes for inpatient pathology and Continuing Care
    • Referral and immunization workflow changes related to Population and Public Health programs going live
    • Continuing Care/Long-term Care workflow changes
  • Any additional changes during the launch support period will be flagged on the Launch 8 Updates page of the Manual, as well as this Connect Care Support Blog channel (our regular channel for posting system updates).