Problems with Physicians' Program List in Netcare

Problem: Wave 2 physicians accustomed to Netcare's "Program" lists (configurable to show inpatient, outpatient or other groups where a service group has assigned patients) may find that a Program list is inappropriately empty or incomplete after the associated site transitions to Wave 2.

A related issue affecting lists of patients associated with a Provider is addressed in a separate posting.

Context: With Wave 2 launch, some facilities take on new site names and new names for clinical service groups. If Netcare continues to seek Program patient panels with the older names, lists will be empty or incomplete.

Solution: In most cases, Netcare Program lists can be restored by correctly selecting the "Site" using new Connect Care naming conventions. Note in the image below that there is both a site called "University of Alberta Hospital" (pre-Connect Care naming convention) and a site called "EDM WMC University of Alberta Hospital" (post-launch Connect Care naming convention). 

UPDATE (20201101): duplication of programs in Netcare lists has been fixed. It is still important to re-to confirm selection of the intended program in personal settings.

Be sure to select Connect Care sites using the new Connect Care site name. This will correctly populate searches for Program affiliated patients. The same care must be taken when editing "User Settings" to configure a default inpatient or outpatient program for lists.