Problems with Physicians' Patient List in Netcare

Problem: Wave 2 physicians accustomed to Netcare's "My patients" list (configurable to show admitted, outpatient and other care relationships) find that the list is empty or incomplete even though they have active patient responsibilities at a Wave 2 site.

Context: Unlike Wave 1 sites, some facilities launching with Wave 2 have different admission, discharge, transfer (ADT registration information) systems that inter-operate with Netcare differently.

Solution: In most cases, Netcare provider lists can be restored by re-configuring "User Settings" in Netcare. Go to the "Patient Lists" section and re-select the "My Provider" value. Note that the "Provider Popup Search" tool may find more than one match for the intended provider name.

Select the row that includes "[Connect Care]". This should restore Netcare's "My Patients" list to include patients served in Wave 2 facilities.