Finding Order Numbers to use when Reporting Printing Problems

Problem: Faulty printer mappings are hard to track down without knowledge of the order triggering the printing.

Context: We continue in a "hybrid" state for a while, where most functions are digital but some require printing in order to work with other parts of the health care system. Common examples are printed prescriptions and requisitions destined for locations not yet on Connect Care.

Some printing functions automatically route to where action needs to be taken. A few configuration problems can turn up in the early post-launch period and are easily fixed. The catch is that the specific patient-provider-location-function intersect needs to be tracked down. All required information can be found using an "order number".

Solution: Include order numbers when reporting possible printer problems. To quickly find an order number:
  • Inpatient
    • Active Orders: Go to the "Orders" activity and hover over an order in the "Active Orders" tab to get an order report icon (📃) at the top right of the row for that order. Click on this icon to get a popup with information about the order. The order number is in brackets or parentheses.
    • External Orders: Note the list of external orders at the bottom of the "External Orders" tab, and click on an order of interest to get a popup that includes the order number (in parentheses).
  • Outpatient
    • Encounter Orders: If encounter orders have been signed, click on the order icon (📋) just to the left of the bottom right "Sign Encounter" button. Then, click on the individual order of interest, and note the order number in the Order Report.
  • All contexts
    • With a patient's chart open, use the Search function (top right of hyperspace or within StoryBoard) to find the "Order Review" activity.
    • This can be used to list all orders for a specified time period (default is last 72 hours). 
    • Clicking on an order will reveal the Order Report (usually bottom half of screen) with the order number in it.