Removal of Department Login Restriction

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  • Removal of Provider Department Login Restriction 
When logging in to Connect Care, one must select a "department" (not the same as a clinical department), which affects how the system looks and behaves. Because prescribers often work in many places, zonal "virtual departments" were created to simplify logons to settings sharing a common specialty. 

Some workflows, such as prescriber specimen collections, must be anchored to a physical location (department) in order for requisitions, label printing and other functions to work properly. Accordingly, as of July 3, 2024, prescribers have the option of logging on to either physical or virtual departments.

Potential impact of this change include:
  • Inpatient and most outpatient prescribers should log on as usual, typically to a virtual department.
  • Outpatient prescribers involved in department-dependent workflows (e.g., in-clinic biopsies) should confirm their local department name and log on to that context.
  • All prescribers will encounter longer lists at logon... still searchable with completion matching.
  • The most recently used department names will appear at the top of the search list, making it easier to quickly select the right context.