Lab Arterial Blood Gas Order Change

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  • Lab Arterial Blood Gas Order Change 
As of June 25, 2024, the lab arterial blood gas (ABG) order will have a couple changes, replacing the manual paper transcribed process used for home oxygen funding requirements.
  • An "Oxygen Level" order question will be added, with the options being "On Current Therapy", "On Room Air", and "On Specified Therapy (Oxygen/Ventilation)" (click on below camera icon to see screenshot). This will let the Respiratory Therapist know what oxygen level the patient should be on when the collection occurs. 
    • If more information is needed, the "Comments" field underneath the question can be used. 
    • If “On Specified Therapy” is selected, a cascading question will appear, to add what the specified therapy should be.
  • Two collection questions will be added, for the Respiratory Therapist to enter: "FiO2 level at time of collection (%)" and "Oxygen litre flow at time of collection (L/min)" (click on left camera icon to see screenshot). These values will then be reported as part of the ABG result (click on right camera icon to see screenshot).