Updates to Urology Postprocedure Analgesics

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  • Updates to Urology Postprocedure Adult order set - Analgesics
Since December 2023, the evidence-based “Standard Analgesic Adult” panel has been available to order using browse or the facility list and, as previously posted, some surgery order sets will be changing to incorporate this panel. As of June 18, 2024, the Urology Postprocedure Adult order set will change to incorporate the Standard Analgesic Adult panel in place of the current "Analgesics/Antipyretics" section. "Naloxone" and "Adjuvant" sections will also be added. This will affect personalizations applied to the Analgesics/Antipyretics section in the order set. 

Moderate to severe acute postsurgical pain is best managed using a combination of scheduled non-opioid analgesics and PRN opioids. For further information about optimal pain management plans for surgical patients, see the following resources: