Trouble-shooting PowerMic Mobile on Android Devices

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  • PowerMic Mobile not launching on Android Devices
Edit (November 20): While work continues on this issue, an updated app is now available (version If the below workaround was previously successful and the device's settings do not have automatic downloads enabled, there is no need to switch to this updated app; if the workaround had worked but the app is automatically updated, the workaround will no longer work. To upgrade to the new version:
  • Uninstall any instance of PMM first, then download/install the updated app from the Intelligent Hub (Workspace ONE) Catalogue. 
  • Disable Bluetooth before opening and pairing PMM, for a greater chance of successfully connecting (note this step is an interim fix, until a permanent solution is found).
Mobility application (PowerMic Mobile, PMM) users on Android devices continue to have trouble launching an installed PMM, a problem occurring after a recent PMM update, acknowledged by the vendor and awaiting a permanent solution. The following suggested workaround has worked for many affected users. Do not try these steps if PMM is already working on an Android device. For help regarding a similar issue on iOS devices, see the separate post.

If PMM has stopped working on an Android device with prior successful use:
  1. Go to Android Settings and select the "Apps" option.
  2. Within Apps, go to the "Work" folder (icon at bottom of Apps screen).
  3. Find the "PowerMic Mobile" app (will have a lock symbol on the PMM icon).
  4. Tap to open PowerMic Mobile "App Info" screen.
  5. Tap "Force Stop" icon at the bottom of the App Info screen.
  6. Tap "Uninstall" icon at the bottom of the App Info screen.
  7. Restart mobile device (completely turn off and then on again).
  8. Go to the "Personal" folder (icon at bottom of Apps screen) and use the Google Play Store app to find the PMM app and install from the Store (rather than through the Intelligent Hub [Workspace ONE] Catalogue). Do not access the Play Store from the "Work" folder.
  9. From your "Personal" folder, open a mobile web browser, manually type in the PMM configuration URL and tap the "Android" link, choosing to open with "PowerMic Mobile". Do not try to launch the link from a browser in the "Work" folder.
    • If you do not see an "Open With" prompt and you're using Chrome, in your browser, click the 3 vertical dots icon in the top-right of the screen, then "Settings", then "Homepage". In the second option under "Open this page", delete whatever is there and type "about:blank", then click the checkmark button on your mobile keyboard to accept the change. Exit Chrome, then reopen from the "Personal" folder and try step 9 again.
  10. Open the PMM app and login as usual.
If the above does not work on an Android device with PMM re-installed:
  1. Clear stored PMM data from the Android device.
    • From the Home screen, swipe down to display the system tray
    • Tap Settings > Apps
    • Under "Your apps", find and tap "PowerMic Mobile"
    • Tap "Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data > Delete"
  2. Force reboot the device. 
    • Press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds or more to force a shutdown
    • Press the Power button again to start up the device
  3. Import the PMM profile via by selecting the "Android" link and choosing to open with "PowerMic Mobile".
Ensure that "Nuance PowerMic Mobile" is selected as the microphone on the Connect Care session where PMM is launched.