Trouble-shooting PowerMic Mobile on iOS Devices

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  • PowerMic Mobile not launching on iOS Devices
We previously posted a workaround for Mobility application (PowerMic Mobile, PMM) users on Android devices having trouble launching an installed PMM. Users on iOS devices may experience similar issues after the latest PMM app update.  An iOS-specific workaround is provided below. 

Prior to following the below steps, first ensure that your iOS is updated to 17.1, and that Bluetooth is turned off while dictating. If PMM still does not work on your iOS device with prior successful use:
  1. Find the PMM app on the current iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and tap-hold to reveal a pop-up menu to access the "Remove App" command. Remove the app.

  2. Open the iOS App Store, look up "powermic mobile" and download/install the app. This will install PMM outside of the AHS instance of Workspace ONE. PMM does not require the AHS "bubble" and does not store sensitive information on the local device.

  3. Once PMM is installed, launch the PMM configuration link ( via iOS Safari (native Internet browser on iOS devices), look for and tap/select the link for "iOS".

  4. When prompted, accept the "Open in PowerMic Mobile" query.

  5. PowerMic Mobile will open. Accept the microphone access request.

  6. Accept any notices or help messages to arrive at a screen like the following. PMM is ready for logon (with AHS user name used to log on to Connect Care) if the indicated profile is PRD.

  7. Log on to Connect Care on a workstation in the usual fashion, launch the workstation PMM from the Hyperspace menu bar, and make sure that PMM is set to use the "Nuance" microphone. 
  8. Hopefully, the iOS PMM app will be working as it was prior to updates. It may be necessary to turn the mobile device off and on again for the above changes to take hold.
Ensure that "Nuance PowerMic Mobile" is selected as the microphone on the Connect Care session where PMM is launched.