Android 14 OS Users - Unable to Connect to AHSRestrict Wireless Network

Problem: Prescribers using a smartphone with the Android 14 operating system (OS) may be unable to connect to the "AHSRestrict" wireless network in AHS facilities. 

Context: The AHSRestrict wireless network allows mobile (e.g., smartphones, tablets) and portable (e.g., laptops) computing devices to connect to the AHS intranet. The "HealthSpot" wireless network is also available in AHS facilities, providing public access akin to connecting from outside AHS. Both networks can be used to access Connect Care and otherwise stay connected, even in places where cellular signals are weak. 

Some users report difficulties connecting to AHSRestrict when using the latest version of Google’s Android 14 OS. 

Solution: The AHS IT network and mobility teams continue to investigate a feasible solution so that all Android devices are able to join the AHSRestrict wireless network. 

HealthSpot wireless network connections are not affected and so can be used as a short-term alternative until a solution has been confirmed. To report issues with network access, please contact the IT Service Desk & Solution Centre (1-877-311-4300).