Communications Update – ED Provider Note Trigger

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  • Communications Update – ED Provider Note Trigger
In April 2022, AHS made enhancements to Connect Care and eDelivery that allowed for the automatic delivery of summative documentation from Connect Care to a patient’s identified Primary Care Provider (PCP). AHS continues to receive valuable feedback from providers about the effectiveness of these communications, particularly when it comes to volume of documents that providers receive. In some cases, providers may receive multiple versions of some summative documentation as a result of changes to AHS provider workflows.

As of March 21, 2023, AHS has changed the criteria that “trigger” the sending of an ED Providers Note to the identified PCP, as this type of summative documentation was identified as having the greatest volume of communications. Signed ED Provider Notes will now be sent to the PCP only after a patient is admitted to hospital or discharged from ED. This will reduce the number of “versions” of an ED Provider Note that get communicated externally and reduce the overall volume of ED Provider Notes. Signed ED Provider Notes that are edited or addended post-admission or post-discharge will be distributed as additional versions of the note. 

For more information, see the memo.