Infectious Disease Serology Utilization Rules - Update

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  • Infectious Disease Serology Utilization Rules Expanded
As of May 6, 2023, Alberta Public Health Laboratory (ProvLab) has expanded utilization rules to multiple infectious disease serology tests. Serology requests will be autocancelled if either the patient's serology was previously positive or the same test was previously ordered within a defined time period. The user may also be redirected to a more appropriate alternate test. These utilization rules will reduce unnecessary blood draws for infectious disease serology tests that have no clinical benefit. The rules do not apply to transplant donor screening tests for infectious disease markers.

Upon signing an order for a patient/test that falls under the utilization rules, the user will see a Best Practice Advisory (BPA); clicking "Accept" will then remove the test. For test orders that are autocancelled when the specimen is collected, the ordering provider will receive a report with a comment saying the test will not be performed and why. 

For more details including a list of serology orders affected by the autocancel rules, screenshots of example BPAs, and information on how to still get a test that has fired a BPA if it is clinically indicated, see the memo.