More Patient List Tweaks - Level of Care and Hospital Service Columns

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  • More Patient List Enhancement Fixes and Tweaks
Significant enhancements to the functionality of patient lists were introduced pre-launch 5. A catalogue of AHS-approved and tested patient list columns was announced and optimized columns were applied to system lists for facility units, provider teams and specialty consults. In addition, a new RAPID Rounds patient list and report applied the enhancements to multidisciplinary discharge planning.
Users have requested an ability to quickly edit patients' "Level of Care" and "Hospital Service" settings from within patient lists; particularly lists used to facilitate inpatient service management or transition planning.
  • Level of Care column now supports double-click for quick edits.
  • Hospital Service column now supports double-click for quick corrections/edits.
These enhancements do not require clinicians to revise or re-import lists that already have these columns.

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