Managing Virtual Visits Without MyAHS Connect

Problem: Volume-related delays in access to the MyHealth Records login portal can affect access to the Connect Care patient portal (MyAHS Connect, MAC), preventing patients from using MAC to initiate telehealth visits by that means.

Context: Connect Care supports secure virtual visits for patients through its patient portal (MAC) where patients select an appointment and activate the associated video visit from within the appointment encounter. If patients are unable to log in to MAC, they may have difficulty joining a virtual visit. Connect Care Hyperspace tools for clinician participation in virtual visits are not affected.

Solution: Clinic staff (and prescribers) can call patients directly to provide an alternate means of accessing their upcoming Connect Care video visit if MAC access is compromised. 

Connect Care automatically generates a Zoom link that can be sent to the patient outside of MAC. Email can be used as follows:
  1. Within an outpatient encounter "Pre-Charting" activity, use the "Start the Visit" button to make the "Rooming" activity available.
  2. Within the Rooming activity, find the "Connect" section and use the "Email Link to..." button to generate an email with the needed Zoom link to send to the patient.
  3. If the "Email Link to..." button is not available, use the "Demographics" activity (chart search) to add the patient's email to the chart.