Prescriber Trainee Login and Authorizing Provider Updates

Enhancement updates provide short alerts to new, fixed or improved Connect Care functions...
  • Trainee Login Job Consolidation 
  • Resident Authorizing Provider Changes
As of noon on August 17, 2021, two changes go live that affect prescriber trainees:
  • Trainee login job consolidation
    • Recent work in consolidating jobs with similar functionality has simplified and reduced the number of choices presented at login. 
    • Those trainees who have multiple Connect Care roles (typically PGY1 and PGY2 residents) will see an updated list of jobs when they login to Connect Care on or after August 17. 
    • For a summary of the changes and more information, see the Manual:
  • Resident authorizing provider changes
    • The "Authorizing Provider" button is now front-facing and easier to find for all users. It will also still be available from the "Options" drop-down menu.
    • For patients in the Emergency Department, when orders are being signed, the Authorizing Provider selection screen will appear automatically. 
    • For more information on Authorizing Providers, see the Manual: