Spinal Precautions Order Panel

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  • Spinal Precautions now ordered via Spinal Precautions Panel
As of June 29, 2021, spinal precautions are ordered exclusively through the Spinal Precautions Panel:
  • To order, with the patient's chart open, in the "Orders" activity, search for "spinal" and select "Spinal Precautions Panel". Relevant linked patient care orders can be selected within this panel. 
  • To clear spinal precautions, two steps are needed:
    1. Discontinue the order: In the "Orders" activity, under "Active Orders">>"Precautions & Restraints">>"Spinal Precautions", click "Discontinue".
    2. Document the clearance: In the "Notes" activity, create a new note and indicate the "Type" as "Spinal Clearance" (search for "spinal") to bring up the Spinal Clearance Documentation SmartText.
      • Note: Recently cleared precautions can be seen in the "Summary">>"Overview" activity tab.
For more information, see the new tip sheet: