Inpatient Consult Order Minor Changes

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  • Change to Inpatient Consult Orders
A minor change to the order composer for inpatient consult requests is part of the Connect Care Spring 2021 Upgrade. This impacts no features or functions, but involves a slight layout adjustment that users will notice. Inpatient consult order entry workflows do not change. 

Previously, contact particulars for the requesting (from) and receiving (to) provider were accessed via an icon:

Presently, contact particulars appear in an information field to the right of the selected provider:

Typically, inpatient consultation requests go to a particular inpatient provider team. This continues to be the most important field as it ensures that the consult request appears in the patient list for the desired service.

If a specific consultant is desired, the "To Provider" field should be completed. The address information helps confirm that the appropriate location was chosen for providers attached to more than one facility.