New Task for Repeating Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

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  • New Task for Repeating Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
As of February 1, 2024, there is a new task for the ordering prescriber when ordering a repeating frequency in lab orders for therapeutic drug monitoring. The enhancement should reduce mis-timed blood collections associated with scheduling challenges after an order is entered.

When ordering a repeating frequency (e.g., M/W/F), the name of the frequency will now include “Prescriber to schedule”, and there will be a new soft stop for the ordering prescriber to either attest to a standard time of 07:00 or change the timing of the lab draw. To help with choosing the timing of the lab draw, the medication administration schedules for medications requiring therapeutic drug monitoring are displayed in the order composer.

There is no change to the prescriber workflow when a single blood collection is requested. However, the name of this frequency is changed from “per medication dosing” to “once – nurse to schedule”.