Lab Update - Ordering Additional Testing

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  • Request for Additional Testing for Pathology Samples
As of May 6, 2023, prescribers will be able to order additional testing on already collected pathology samples, using the new "Request for Additional Testing for Pathology Samples" order. This order can be used to request Biomarkers, Molecular Pathology, Immunohistochemistry, and Special Stains. This order is not to be used for Out Of Province Requests, Additional Review of material, or Tumor Board requests (please use established protocols for these requests).
  1. The column on the left is an easy reference to Surgical Pathology samples that are reported out of Beaker. Enter the legacy case IDs into the "Surgical Case #" field.
  2. The "Reference Links" direct to additional information for Molecular Pathology and PD-L1 testing.
  3. The Requested Test and Surgical Case # you would like additional testing for are required fields. (See #1 above for how to find the case ID.)
  4. In Ambulatory functions, this order needs to be entered as a "Normal" order, not "Standing" or "Future".