Second Sign Updates - Requisition Printout

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  • Second Sign Updates - Requisition Printout
We previously posted about the Second Sign workflow for clerical/Medical Office Assistant (MOA) ambulatory orders. As of October 27, 2022, enhancements to the automatic printout process of Second Signed orders will be available. 

In the Second Sign workflow, once the order has received the second signature by the responsible prescriber, the requisition is often automatically printed off. Non-AHS MOAs are able to submit a ticket to suppress automatic printing of Second Sign orders, and AHS MOAs can submit a ticket to have print settings adjusted if requisitions for Second Signed orders are going to the incorrect printer (see tip sheet).

If the MOA or prescriber is unsure of the requisition print location, or whether the requisition was printed, two new features are available:
  • Additional information available in Chart Review: In the "Chart Review" activity, if the requisition was printed, the "Order Parameters >> Sign transmittal event" section now displays the destination printer ("Destination Workstation"), and whether it was a mapped printer or an alternate Virtual Local Printer (VLP) destination (workstation ID would begin with "VLP"). If the requisition was not printed, it will say "This order was not sent to a printer."
  • New Reporting Workbench report: In the Reporting Workbench workspace, a new report, "Second Sign Status", can be run that shows existing Second Sign orders. This report will indicate whether a Second Sign has been completed; if completed, an MOA can then find out if a requisition has been printed or not via the Chart Review activity as detailed above. If additional copies of requisitions are needed, MOAs can use "Reprint" from the Chart Review activity.

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