Communications Update - Sensitive Letters

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  • Confidentiality Feature - Marking Letters as Sensitive 
As of September 16, 2022, letters (like notes) can now be marked as "Sensitive". When a letter is marked sensitive, it will only be routed to the selected recipient(s) of the letter and will be excluded from Netcare and automated eDelivery to the patient's Primary Care Provider (PCP).
  • The patient’s PCP will only receive a letter marked as sensitive if they are specifically selected as one of the recipients. 
  • In Hyperspace, viewing of the letter contents will only be available to users with the same specialty as the letter author, users logged in to the department of the patient’s encounter, or users logged in to the virtual department that matches the specialty of the encounter department. 
A letter can be marked as "Sensitive" by selecting the "Sensitive" button appearing in the communications workflow. The "Sensitive" property can then be removed by selecting the "Addendum" option in the identified letter and unchecking the "Sensitive" designation. Only the author of the letter can adjust the sensitive properties of the letter. 

Sensitive letters should always be used with discretion and professional judgement, and in a manner that supports access to health information required for continuity of care. 

For more information on the use of this feature, see the Confidentiality Practice Guidelines.