Patient-Entered Flowsheet - POC Blood Glucose

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  • Patient-Reported POC Blood Glucose
The MyAHS Connect (MAC) patient portal includes tools that clinicians can use to improve chronic disease management, functional status assessment and health maintenance. Some involve direct patient data capture (e.g., answers to questionnaires or entries to flowsheets) while others involve indirect data capture via interfaces to patients' medical devices (e.g., glucometers). A few questionnaires and flowsheets are provided to patients by default, while others are explicitly "ordered" for activation within a particular patient's MAC experience.

As of January 20, 2022, a patient-entered flowsheet will be available for patients to self-report their point-of-care (POC) blood glucose levels via their MAC account. To activate this flowsheet, (1) the patient must have an active MAC account and (2) prescribers must place an order for the flowsheet.
  • Use "flowsheet" as a search term within the order search tool, in the "Facility List" or "Database" tab.
  • Select "MYCHART GLUCOSE FLOWSHEET", click the "Accept" button, and sign the order.
  • The patient will receive a message in their MAC account about the newly available flowsheet.
Patient-entered clinical data can appear in a few places in the Connect Care chart, including the "Glucose Management" inpatient activity, "MYCHART" glucose flowsheets in the "Flowsheets" activity and in the "Episodes of Care" activity. For more information, see the tip sheet.