Change to Post-Procedure Navigator - Short Stay

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  • Change to Post-Procedure Navigator - Short Stay
As of Thursday November 12, 2020, the admission order "Admit to Short Stay" is renamed "Admit to Mazankowski 5A7".

This order appears in post-procedure order sets viewed in the Post-procedure Navigator for surgical workflows. It shows for patients who do not have an admission order and was created to address some specific Wave 1 needs at one facility. The order does not apply elsewhere and is renamed to make it clear that only patients going to the Mazankowski Hospital short stay (Unit 5A7) should have this order placed.

All other patients requiring post-operative short stays should not receive an "Admit to Inpatient" order. The "Post-op" navigator should be used with the "Post-op to Discharge" tab.

Further work will be done to appropriately restrict the Mazankowski-specific order to appear only for the appropriate department. This name change is intended as an interim measure to avoid inadvertent ordering until departmental restrictions are in place.