Recognizing Major Incidents

Problem: Connect Care users may experience an unexpected or unusual problem when using the clinical information system and wonder whether this is being experienced by others and will be resolved.

Context: Sometimes systems that Connect Care depends upon may unexpectedly go down or otherwise not function as needed. The clinical information system remains up but one or more dependencies (e.g., scanning, printing, dictation, wireless, etc.) may be affected. Such problems trigger a "major incident" which is managed by established team and protocol. 

Solution: Connect Care users who witness what might be an unrecognized problem should immediately contact helpdesk ( or 1-877-311-4300) to submit the concern. Indicate suspected major incident. 

Problems already recognized will be acknowledged (with mitigation instructions) for all users by one or more of the following channels:
  • Bulletin Banner at the top of the Connect Care Clinician Manual (bar with message appears at top of all pages).
  • Alert popup visible during the Connect Care login process.
  • Fan-out communications (email, fax) appropriate to the groups most affected.
  • Update to Connect Care status page (