StoryBoard Improvements

Enhancement updates provide short alerts to new, fixed or improved Connect Care functions...
  • StoryBoard Improvements
The Connect Care September 10, 2020, upgrade brings some small but useful improvements to the StoryBoard appearing in the leftmost column of opened charts.
  • Patient Demographics
    • More information displays when hovering just under a patient's name in StoryBoard, configured in a way fully compliant with AHS's inclusive CIS design.
  • Sizing Options
    • To better accommodate working on smaller screens (including Tablets), the StoryBoard width can now be set to "Narrow" after right-clicking anywhere in the StoryBoard. The "Auto" setting now has more range for lower screen resolutions.
  • Hover Responsiveness
    • The patient StoryBoard provides a gateway to a vast amount of information without clutter, largely because of its "hover" capabilities where additional information bubbles up when the cursor is positioned over an information group in the StoryBoard. The additional information display is triggered after a set time that the cursor remains "hovering".
    • Users can now control how long the hover is before secondary information appears.
    • Right-clicking anywhere in the StoryBoard brings up a personalization menu (as above) that includes options for Quick, Medium, Slow or Slowest hover responsiveness.
  • Pregnancy Flag Hover
    • Pregnant patients have a StoryBoard flag (to the right of patient photo location) indicating pregnancy. Hovering over this now reveals additional information, including the patient's estimated delivery date.