Possible Problems Printing After Visit Summaries

Problem: There is a small possibility that attempts to print After Visit Summaries (AVS) for some patients may be associated with some formatting problems. This is not a known Connect Care problem but a (remotely) possible effect of the clinical system upgrade occuring March 12, 2020, in the early morning hours.

Context: The March 12 upgrade includes a new software component that renders the print-ready AVS. Some organizations have experienced rare difficulties. We have implemented preventive measures but want users to be vigilant when printing AVS reports so that any problems get promptly disclosed to the help desk (help.connect-care.ca).

Solution: AVS reports are helpful but not essential to outpatient care. Key content, such as medication lists, patient instructions or appointment details can be printed in other ways. And patients signed up to MyAHS Connect get their information by that route. Should any print formatting problems occur, please use the following troubleshooting pathway.