Connect Care Day 001 Fixes

A project as large and as complex as Connect Care is lucky to enjoy but few hours honeymoon. We got about 10!

As the number of patients and users ramped up through the first day, expected early challenges started to accumulate. I am ecstatic to observe how quickly and effectively our physician informaticians mobilized, spread to trouble areas and collaborated with operations and IT to get things sorted.

Our turn-around time for clinically important problems is remarkably fast.

Selection of Day 1 Issues Resolved (or with a solid mitigation in place):
  • Access: lots of production access issues, including a number of physicians with complex roles who needed adjustments to their security templates. Delighted that Epic allocated some exceptionally able resources to help with rapid access resolution in the physician drop-in centre (WMC 4B1.39)
  • Mobility: surprisingly few calls for Haiku or Canto support (10) with all but 1 resolved so far.
  • Orders: a large number of minor annoyances were found in the procedure and medication order catalogues, usually fixed within 1-2 hours of discovery. Some challenges were escalated to clinical system design SWAT teams, with effective decision-making. Some missed hard stops were stopped.