Function keys not working on Mac Computers

Problem: The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) relies on a lot of desktop (non-mobile) computer tasks. The keyboard is key to these interactions. Shortcuts can speed workflows and many are anchored to function or "F" keys, normally arranged as the top row of a keyboard. When some users are logged on to the CIS Hyperspace on a desktop computer, the function keys don't seem to work.

Cause: Keyboard function keys may be "mapped" to functions specific to a particular software product, like a word processor. These mappings may not be understood by the Citrix workspace that sits between Connect Care and the user. And some computers (e.g., Macintosh) have flexible function keys that come up on a "TouchBar" that can be configured.

Solution: A tip sheet explains (see last section) how to force a TouchBar or function keys to always send the intended shortcut to Connect Care.