Why does Connect Care access fail after upgrading to MacOS Catalina?

Problem: Some of our early-adopter colleagues have installed the Catalina MacOS upgrade on Apple's Macintosh computers. Understandable, as there are a number of great new features. However, connections to the Unified Access Portal for Connect Care (myapps.ahs.ca) fail. Citrix Workspace, the software that facilitates the connection, throws a security certificate error.

Cause: The method by which MacOS checks the certificates that enable encrypted connections from client to & from the server changed. All versions of Citrix Workspace for Mac prior to today's release (October 8, 2019 version fail. The fix from Citrix is new.

Solution: We advise Mac users to wait at least another few weeks so that the Catalina-compatible Citrix Workspace version can be more fully tested. For those who already upgraded to Catalina, we suggest installing the very latest version of Citrix Workspace. Please report back to cmio@ahs.ca with your experience so we can learn more about this problem.