Am I in the right (Connect Care) Training Track?

Problem: Some physicians follow instructions received in their Connect Care training track invitation, log on to MyLearningLink, view their "Required Courses", but find eLearning modules that do not fit their specialty or practice. For example, an emergency physician finds inpatient  medicine modules, not ER (ASAP-oriented) modules.

Cause: Physicians are allocated to training tracks based upon information received from Alberta Health Services (AHS) Zone Medical Affairs. Sometimes the physician specialty is not current or correct. Sometimes a physician has more than one specialty or practice type (inpatient, outpatient, etc.) and the wrong one is identified as primary. Sometimes the physician does not answer registration questions carefully.

  • First, send a clarification request to to indicate what you find in MLL and what you would expect to find. 
  • Second, do a search for courses using "Epic". Scan the search results to seek eLearning modules that seem relevant to your specialty. Note the code starting the title of those courses (e.g., "Epic - ER..."). Search again using that code and register for those courses. Your MLL settings will get corrected but this way you can get started on pertinent courses while waiting.