How can I get MyLearningLink to Record Course Completion on a Mac?

Problem: Some users, especially physicians doing coursework on personal computing devices outside of Alberta Health Services networks, report completing courses but not getting credited with completion. The course remains in a list of "required courses", without moving over to the "completed courses" section of MyLearningLink (MLL). Completing courses is important for getting continuing professional development credits.

Cause: Most eLearning modules posted to the MLL system are in "SCORM" format. This depends upon the course web page noting when all content has been viewed and then sending a signal back to MLL to the effect that the current user has finished the current course. This communication can fail.

Solution: We recommend using the Chrome Internet Browser on personal computers, especially Apple computers. There is a trick for forcing the Chrome window holding an eLearning module to "send" information "home":
  • Ensure that your MLL session has not timed out (you can test this by doing a browser page refresh of the browser window that MLL is running in). Log on again if needed.
  • Work your way to the very end of the course screens. Make sure that the course outline shows all sections checked off. You may need to click on the last section and scroll to the end again.
  • Position the cursor (mouse pointer) over the top right area of the browser title bar that the course link appears in (see image). There will be nothing in that space initially. Click if needed. A small computer icon will appear, possibly with the text "send" next to it. Click on this. Click twice for good measure! This should force sending course completion data to MLL.

Tips for physicians have been updated:
If, despite following the tip, a training track EUPA does not get credited or appropriately assessed as “pass”, contact the MyLearningLink Support Centre ( immediately with the Subject Line: “EUPA Move to Pass”. In the body of the message, provide your name, email address, course name (EUPA), session number and final grade.

For physicians who need additional Connect Care Training support while using personal computers, contact: