Referral Workflow Updates

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  • Referral Workflow Updates
As of October 27, 2023, prescribers using referral orders for outpatient (ambulatory) consultation will notice a few changes. There are enhancements to the referral order composer for prescribers, and to the tools specialty services use for referral triage via In Basket. 

Changes to the Referral Order Composer
  • The "Comments" field, where information important for triage and consultation is entered, is now a required field (hard stop). SmartLinks can be used to pull chart information into the comments and SmartPhrases can be used to record frequently used referral indications. 
    • Note: Previously saved Comments field personalizations will need to be re-entered and re-saved after October 27, 2023. 
    • Following this update, if you are using a personalized referral order, you may see a pop-up. See this blog post for more details on how to manage.
  • A reason for the referral must be selected (from the list or via speed button) in the "Reason" field.
  • FAST (Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment) referral orders will now be entered using the specialty-specific order (e.g., urology) and then indicating in the order that it is for FAST, rather than using a customized FAST referral for each specialty.
  • For outgoing referrals, the "To loc/pos" (location/place of service) field is now a recommended field.  
  • Referral orders now contain a link to the Referrals section of the Connect Care Manual, in the "Reference Links" section.
Note: given the changes to the referral order composer, any personalizations of Order Sets or Smart Sets containing referral orders will have to be re-entered after the update. Order preference lists will not be affected.

Changes to the Referral Triage In Basket Message Report
  • The referral triage In Basket message report is now available from the In Basket Message as well as the Referral Sidebar.
  • A "Notes" section has been created to display specialty comments and referral attachments.
  • A "Messages" section has been added.
  • Referral notifications have been moved to a separate tab ("Notifications").
  • The referral reason ("Rfl Reason") has been added to the message preview. 
  • An "Order Information" section, including a hyperlink to the Ordering Encounter Summary and Appointment Request, has been added.
For screenshots and a walkthrough of each change, see the tip sheet and demo video.