Referral Order Pop-up in Personalized Referral Orders

Personalized referral orders have been impacted by the recent referral order update. If you are using a personalized referral order, you may see a pop-up titled "Change Order Class" or "Change Referred to Department" that asks to replace the order's "Comments" field with SmartText. To stop this pop-up from occurring, please delete and resave the referral order to your preference list. See below for additional details.


Context: As previously posted, the updates made to the referral order composer on October 27, 2023 have made the Comments field a hard stop, and the field is now pre-populated with a prompt to remind the prescriber to enter details ("Please describe in detail, the reason for referral or the clinical question you would like answered", with the wildcard ***). As Personal Preference Lists were not changed as part of this update, if Comments field personalizations were created before this update, they will have to be re-created.

The above pop-ups are triggered for users who are using a referral order they had saved to their Personal Preference List prior to the October update, and are making a change either to the order "Class" field (first screenshot above) or to the "Referral To dept" field (second screenshot above). If the "Yes" button in the pop-up is clicked and you had previously personalized the Comments field, that personalized text will be replaced with the new automatic prompt. However, clicking "Yes" will not disable the pop-up, and it will appear each time you change the "Class" or "Referral To dept" field in your saved referral order. 

Solution: The pop-up will go away only if you remove and re-add the order to your Personal Preference List. Before doing so, ensure you record any personalized comments you want to keep first, so you can re-create that personalization in the updated order.