Workflow Updates for Transferring Patients to Continuing Care

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  • Workflow Updates for Transferring Patients to Continuing Care Facility
As of October 17, 2023, Connect Care discharge navigator updates will clarify prescriber workflows when patients are sent from an acute care facility to a Connect Care Continuing Care facility. Continuing Care facilities include Supportive Living (SL), Designated Supportive Living (DSL) and Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities with external (contracted) pharmacy services.

Connect Care will automatically select and present appropriate tools in the discharge navigator's Inter-facility Transfer (IFT) tab. The workflow for transferring a patient to a non-Connect Care LTC facility does not change.
  • Discharge vs. IFT Tab: When sending to a SL/DSL facility, the main Discharge navigator tab should be used because the destination facility is considered the patient's home. When sending to a LTC facility, the discharge navigator's IFT tab should be used. Edit: As of Launch 8 (May 2024), the IFT tab should be used for transferring patients to any facility, including Supportive Living and any other Continuing Care site.
  • LTC with internal vs. external pharmacy: When sending a patient to a LTC facility, the IFT navigator will present the appropriate tools based on whether the LTC has an internal or external (contracted) pharmacy service:
    • Connect Care LTC with internal pharmacy services: All orders (medication and non-medication) can be signed and held through the IFT navigator to be released at the receiving site.
    • Connect Care LTC with external (contracted) pharmacy services: As the pharmacy supplying medications is not on Connect Care, this external pharmacy requires Discharge Medication Reconciliation for medication orders. Non-medication orders require the usual IFT to Connect Care process, leaving non-medication orders signed and held for the receiving facility to release. The IFT navigator contains the tools for both these types of orders.
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