Fix to Identity SmartLinks for Unknown Patients

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  • Unknown Patient - Fix to Patient Name SmartLinks
Sometimes patients are admitted before their identity can be reliably confirmed, as might happen with altered states of consciousness. They are assigned an anonymous name ("UNK..."), chart and record numbers so that care can proceed. Later, when a true identity is confirmed, processes for merging anonymous and permanent charts can begin. Until that process completes, a clinician's choice of documentation SmartLinks can determine whether the unknown or the known first and last name appear.

We have found situations where some documentation tools were reflecting the correct (true) first name but the wrong (unknown) last name. Fixes are applied to all provincial documentation templates (e.g., discharge summary) to make them maximally resilient to rare instances when patient identities are uncertain.

Connect Care users who have created their own SmartPhrases, or regularly use non-AHS SmarkLinks for patient names, are requested to preferentially use the following SmartLinks:
  • for First name: ".PREFNAMEFIRST"
  • for Last name: ".PREFNAMELAST"
  • for Full name: ".PREFNAMEFULL"