How to Manage Misdirected In Basket Results

Problem: Laboratory results can occasionally get misdirected. The affected prescriber may see In Basket notifications about patients that are not within the prescriber's circle of care. Indeed, reviewing this information inappropriately could constitute a privacy breach. What to do?

Considerations: In Basket messages that link to patient health information should relate to patients with whom the receiving prescriber has, has had, or will have an approved relationship (circle of care, quality or research).

Test results may be delivered to a prescriber's In Basket "Results" folder because of an automated routing scheme, or because the recipient was explicitly copied on the result. Results may also be delivered if the receiving provider is:
  • a member of the patient’s Care Team and configured to receive results,
  • signed into a results review message pool,
  • supervising a medical learner, or
  • the most responsible provider at the time of discharge for results reporting after the time of discharge.
Results that are believed to have been received in error should be reviewed to determine if any of these conditions apply before taking action to flag a misdirected result.

Solution: The Connect Care In Basket has a "QuickActions" tool that allows prescribers to manage results received in error. 

Select (click on) the In Basket result notification and then look to the button bar at the top of the result display. The "QuickActions" pick-list is in the left-most position. 

  • Not My Result
    • Use this action if the result was misdirected and should not have been routed to the recipient's In Basket, even if the provider has participated in the patient's care at some point.
    • The Result Note window will open and the provider will be required to complete two SmartLists (use F2 to find and use pick-list) to indicate why the result is being marked as received in error and what, if any, steps have been taken to remediate.
    • If none of the available pick-list options fit,  select "other" and provide a brief comment to better explain the issue and what has been or should be done.
    • Upon completing the two SmartLists and accepting the message, the result note will be re-routed to an internal results routing error pool for review and action.
    • The associated In Basket message will disappear.