Legacy Insulin Order Sets Retiring

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  • Legacy Insulin Order Sets Retiring
The Connect Care initiative promotes evidence-informed practice, reducing unwarranted practice variation, and harmonizing workflows for multidisciplinary team members. Accordingly, Connect Care's system-wide Order Sets reflect careful design for best possible practice.

A few insulin administration Order Sets were temporarily made available to Launch 1 users, recognizing that some groups had not completed change management for provincially standardized insulin administration practices. All facilities now have the means to follow evidence-informed, cross disciplinary, insulin administration guidelines. Accordingly, the following two order panels will be retired (exact date TBD).
  • "IV Insulin - NPO patients requiring low fluid volumes"
  • "IV Insulin - NPO patients requiring regular fluid volumes"
Instead, one of the following Order Sets should be used:
  • "Pre-procedure Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus, Adult"
  • "Post-procedure Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus, Adult"
  • "Basal Bolus Insulin Therapy (BBIT), Adult"
These include all related interventions (e.g., appropriate glucose testing) and express Alberta's clinical practice guidelines respecting subcutaneous and intravenous insulin administrations.

Prescribers remain free to assemble and share personalized order panels for justifiably unique circumstances. However, these must fit with training and supports for all members of the medical team.