Patient List Fixes and Tweaks

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  • Patient List Enhancement Fixes and Tweaks
Significant enhancements to the functionality of patient lists were introduced pre-launch 5. A catalogue of AHS-approved and tested patient list columns was announced and optimized columns were applied to system lists for facility units, provider teams and specialty consults. In addition, a new RAPID Rounds patient list and report applied the enhancements to multidisciplinary discharge planning.
Subsequently, Connect Care users provided post-implementation feedback, with strong appreciation for the improvements. In addition, excellent suggestions revealed small changes that would further improve ease-of-use. A number of requested improvements are in production. These include: 
  • Hover bubbles removed from Room/Bed, DOB, Goals of Care and Level of Care columns.
  • Double-click simplified for Goals of Care, Room/Bed, Patient Identity columns.
  • Visual highlight (background colour) for patients with Alternate Level of Care statuses.
  • Better formatting of provider information column to make it easier to skim for attending, referring and primary care details.
  • Double-click for co-sign orders column to open main orders activity tab.
  • Double-click length of stay column to open Rapid Rounds discharge planning interactive report.
  • Default column widths adjusted. 
  • Discharge readiness column icons enlarged.
  • Formatting improvements to discharge goals section of Rapid Rounds report.
Although most fixes are immediately active, users who created a custom patient list by copying a standard list template (see Manual instructions) will want to re-copy from the appropriate list template.

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