New Interventional Radiology and Bedside Order Sets

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  • New Inpatient Interventional Radiology and Bedside Order Sets
As of October 27, 2022, the following new inpatient order sets for interventional radiology (IR) became available. Use of these order sets will help to ensure that appropriate orders are placed for each phase of care:  pre-, intra-, and post-procedure. Order set names beginning with “Image Guided” indicate the patient is being sent to diagnostic imaging (DI); “Bedside” indicates that a Radiologist will come to the bedside or that another clinician (typically, prescriber) will do the procedure. 
  • Bedside Joint Aspiration/Injection
  • Image Guided Joint Aspiration/Injection
  • Bedside Fluid Aspiration
  • Image Guided Fluid Aspiration
  • Image Guided Organ/Mass Biopsy
  • Image Guided Abscess Drainage
While the release of "Signed and Held" orders is usually performed by nursing, prescribers can also release these orders. Also note that these procedural order sets are not meant for ambulatory encounters or for when users are logged in to a virtual department. The patient location is important for things like sample label printing, and so orders for bedside procedures should be entered from the most specific logon department (e.g., ward).

For details on how to find and place any of these order sets, and how to find and release Signed & Held intra- and post-procedure orders, see the tip sheet.