Problems with Citrix Workspace on Personal Computers

Problem: Some Connect Care users who rely on personal computers (especially Apple devices) for remote connection to Epic Hyperspace are reporting problems completing logons.

Context: Citrix Workspace software is used by the Alberta Health Services (AHS) remote access gateway ( when prescribers logon to Connect Care on personal computers outside the AHS firewall (extranet). 

Some users are reporting that logon efforts are prevented by Epic screens that do not show the expected userid or password fields or are otherwise not functioning.

Citrix released updates to its Workspace software in mid-October and again in the first week of November 2022. The current updates appear to have problems with MyApps or Connect Care. The problems are prevalent with the latest Macintosh updates, especially the new version of Workspace optimized for computers with Apple silicon (M1 and later chips).

Solution: Until further notice, please do not accept Workspace offers to download and update the Citrix Workspace App. If experiencing remote logon problems, and the Citrix Workspace "about" option shows version "2210" or later:

  • Uninstall Citrix Workspace
  • Reboot computer
  • Revert to the September 2022 version (2209 found in "install earlier versions" of Citrix downloads site).
  • Reboot computer
  • Try logging on via MyApps again.