Connect Care Mobility Install Issues

Problem: Connect Care users trying to install mobile applications (Haiku, Canto, PowerMic) may  be unable to complete the enrollment process for their device. 

Context: Mobile applications are managed by Alberta Health Services to ensure that connections are secure and privacy is maintained. This involves enrolling new devices in order to check for things like required password protections. 

There are new reports of users having difficulty completing new device enrollments. A problem with the associated software (VMWare) has been identified and is being worked on.

Solution: Users experiencing difficulties (“device not allowed” message) should call the Connect Care help desk 1-877-311-4300 or open a ticket via the IT Service Hub (Link: The device will be manually added. A notice will be posted here when normal device enrollment processes resume.

Update 04-11-2022: This problem has been fixed and no further tickets are coming in. Logs show resumption of successful Haiku initiations.