Repatriation and Consultation/Transfer Update - New RAAPID Service Request Order

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  • Bundled RAAPID Service Request Order
RAAPID (Referral, Access, Advice, Placement, Information & Destination) is a provincial service used to coordinate consults and the transfer of patients between sites. As of October 31, 2022, the current RAAPID Repatriation order will be changing to encompass both repatriation requests and consultation or transfer requests.

The bundled "RAAPID Service Request" order can be used to request the following:

  • Higher level of care consultation or transfer, if not urgent
  • Equal or lower level of care transfer from ED (e.g., capacity move, urgent repatriation)
  • Equal or lower level of care transfer from inpatient (i.e., "repatriation")
For urgent/emergent transfers, prescribers should continue to call RAAPID

A tip sheet details the new order fields. For more information on RAAPID, see the Manual.