After Visit Summary Enhancement - Video Viewing Instructions

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  • Adding Video Viewing Instructions to an AVS
As of January 20, 2022, prescribers can incorporate patient education video viewing instructions within patients' After Visit Summaries (AVS). Previously, only text instructions could be included. This enhancement gives prescribers the ability to leverage a broader range of health education supports for patients as part of their AVS.

Similar to the workflow for finding text handouts, there are three ways (tabs) to discover and select video viewing instructions. All use the "Go to Clinical References" link in the Patient Instructions section found in "Wrap-Up" (ambulatory encounters), "Discharge Navigator" (inpatient encounters) or "Disposition" activities (emergency encounters) in an opened patient chart.
  • Relevant Documents
    Selectable video viewing instructions, automatically offered based on the patient's problem list or diagnosis, can be selected before clicking "Add to Patient Instructions".
  • Additional Search
    Both patient and video viewing instructions can be sought (look for "Video" at the end of the titles in search results) and optionally selected by clicking "Add to Patient Instructions".
  • Master Index
    Search alphabetically or by category, or click on the "Videos" link under "Content Types" to see all available video viewing instructions.
After selecting one or more text or video patient education resources, clinicians can optionally add further comment that will appear when the AVS is printed. Frequently used comments can be saved as a SmartPhrase.