PICC Insertion Order

Problem: Some clinicians may see their peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line insertion orders cancelled or changed, possibly delaying the requested intervention.

Context: PICC line insertions are often performed by Diagnostic Imaging (DI) in Alberta Health Services facilities as an interventional radiology (IR) procedure. However, there are also circumstances (e.g., some critical care settings) where IR does not do the procedure. Two orders are available to prescribers: one for IR-facilitated insertions and one for other insertions. It is important to select the right order when DI is asked to place the PICC.

Solution: To avoid delay in DI receiving and processing the intervention request, search for "Insert PICC" when ordering, look to the "Procedures" grouping of search results, and choose "IR PICC Line Insertion" for procedures to be facilitated by DI.