WCB and Connect Care - Updates

Enhancement updates provide short alerts to new, fixed or improved Connect Care functions...
  • WCB Form Submission and New Reports
As of October 19, 2021, a Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) form can be completed within Connect Care and submitted to WCB directly from Connect Care. 

The new WCB SmartForm replaces an existing WCB SmartLink available in the "Wrap-Up" tab for ambulatory charts (last section), and can be found in the "Dispo" tab for emergency charts. The "WCB Form" can be completed in steps, with a final validation step confirming presence of all required information as well as the type of submission (direct or via third party). 

Current and previously completed WCB forms, related to any ambulatory or emergency visit, can 
be viewed in Chart Review under the "Encounters" tab, and easily found by filtering for “WCB Visits”.

There are also two new WCB reports found in "Print Documents", as well as a third-party billing report in the reporting workbench.

For more information, new tip sheets are provided for ambulatory and emergency department contexts.