In Basket - Attachments for Patient Messages

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  • Adding Attachments to In Basket Patient Messages 
As of November 4, 2021, attaching documents to a patient message in In Basket has been simplified. 

To attach a document to an In Basket patient message, initiate a patient message from its menu item (available only for patients with an activated MyAHS Connect patient portal service), then in the "Patient Message" screen:
  1. Select the "+Add" button in the "Attachment" row of the "Tasks & Attachments" section.
  2. From the "Media Selector" window that opens, select the desired document to be attached:
    • Attaching a Connect Care document: In the "Detailed View" tab, the "All Media" list shows all media available in Connect Care for that patient (including scanned/imported files), with document types and descriptions. Select the desired document and click the "Accept" button.
    • Attaching a document from your device: Click the "Browse" tab (to the right of "Detailed View"). In the "Open" window that pops up, click "This PC", select the desired document, and click the "Open" button. Add a description in the "Description" field (note: the patient will see this description). 
      • The document type will automatically fill in as "Provider Attachment".
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