Apple Mail/Spark/AirMail/etc. no longer access AHS email

Problem: Physicians who use personal devices and email software to access AHS secure email accounts ( or may find that email is no longer delivered to their device.

Context: Alberta Health Services (AHS) is upgrading from Microsoft's 2007 Communications Server to infrastructure capable of supporting Office 365 (Outlook 365). This happens for most physicians during the month of August 2020. Changes to the configuration of enterprise email can improve the security of email communications for AHS stakeholders; but require some adjustments from AHS email users.

Solution: After a physician account is transferred to the new AHS email infrastructure, the only email software that can access AHS email will be a recent version of Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 preferred). Outlook for smartphones or tablets (iOS, Android) is required for mobile access. Outlook for devices (Windows, MacOS) is required for desktop or laptop access. 

In order to use Outlook in this way, physicians must additionally install a software application called "Workspace ONE". This secures a portion of the personal device where Outlook can operate with enhanced security. Installation processes for WSO and Outlook are described in AHS communications documents (referenced in a prior posting).

Physicians can also access AHS email via a simple Outlook web interface (