Can't Find an Inpatient Provider Team

Problem: Clinicians must specify a destination "Provider Team" when admitting, transferring or consulting about a patient. What if they can't find an expected clinical team? How can the possibility of a "missing" team be checked, a provisional order be placed, and a correction requested for the Provider Team list?

Context: An All-user Bulletin alerts to the shift from an older "Provider Groups" to a more powerful "Provider Teams" functionality for managing the attachment of inpatients to clinically meaningful clinical services.

Solution: If a clinician is attempting to attach an inpatient to an existing inpatient service team and cannot find that team listed, then the following steps should be followed (after confirming understanding of the Provider Team Management tip sheet):
  1. Check the Provider Team Names Crib-Sheet to look for the needed team by browsing current specialties and services as commonly referred to. Failure to find a desired Provider Team may simply relate to recognition.
  2. If the desired team is not found or known, and the admission or transfer order mandates team selection (hard-stop), it is possible to select a "generic" provider team from the current Provider Team list and seek a correction later.
  3. Submit a request for adding, removing or editing a Provider Team name to (use the request section entitled "I Have an Issue Related to How Connect Care Supports My Documentation, Orders, Decisions or Practice Improvement").